More Than A Privacy Plugin

First Things First

Welcome. Wherever and whenever a E.U. citizen visits a website (front-end or back-end), GDPR applies. A lot of hours have gone into GDPress, and i’am dedicated to making it better every day. Thank you for making it part of your journey to GDPR compliancy.

— André Renaut

System Requirements


GDPress is not calling any external web services and is not using any external software other than WordPress core.

GDPress stores events related to the data subject and core privacy processes if archive setting is set. Archives are under the authority of the Data Protection Officer for legal purpose ONLY. They are retrieved to the data subject, but not deleted.

State of the Privacy (May 2020)

These are legal obligations in GDPR. In front of your local data protection authority or a judge :
Other Major Obligations
Privacy by design

This concept is in GDPR too. In wp, Privacy is a component like Gutenberg, Admin, wp-cron ... Privacy by design is or should be declined and included in ALL wp components. Should all components publish their "Privacy Section" just like the above recommandation for themes and plugins ?

Pending Questions

Plugins cannot solve all issues. Hereunder are listed some questions and concerns around WordPress and GDPR compliancy that should be or are part of WordPress governance.

Final Notes

This html page do not use cookies and/or do not collect personal data.

All links in this page will redirect you to external sites. Usually, you find a disclosure such as "Visit their privacy policy first …". You have to visit their site to know if you agree with their privacy policy … if they have any …
GDPR aims to build a chain of trust and this is why GDPR rules !

If you have any suggestions, ideas, or comments, or if you (gasp!) found a bug, join me in the Support Forums.

Share the Law

If you enjoy GDPress please consider telling a friend, setting it up for someone less knowledgable than yourself, or make a small donation.

And remember, GDPR compliancy is a never ending process.


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